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TSHISEKEDI TO RWANDA: My Patience Has Limits; Kagame Will Not Win This War

President Felix Tshisekedi has given the clearest indication he was ready for a fight with Rwanda declaring he had run out of patience over the invasion of parts of the country by Rwandese rebels, M23.

Addressing Congolese in Switzerland where he had travelled to attend the Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva, the Head of State said the relationship between DRC and Rwanda continues to deteriorate over the security situation in North Kivu.

Rwanda has been accused by Kinshasa, the UN, the Eastern Army Command, the USA, France and others of sponsoring rebels to destabilize the DRC by rendering support to the M23 rebells.

But Rwanda President Paul Kagame has denied the accusations says the DRC must take responsibility and solve its own problems rather than pointing blame at others.

“My patience, our patience has limits… Kagame will not win this war,” President Félix Tshisekedi told the Congolese diaspora in Switzerland.

President Tshisekedi there was an agreement to end the incursion but Rwanda had not respected it and wants to take the continent back to the stone age days because of leaders like Paul Kagame.

He has called on African countries to unite and remove leaders with retrogressive agendas that wanted to take the continent back to the days of solving disputes using the barrel.

Meanwhile, the Congolese army has announced it has taken back control of the mining town of Rubaya in Masisi territory, about 50 km west of Goma.

“We have taken control of Rubaya since yesterday Tuesday. The army is determined to end this war of aggression,” said Lieutenant Colonel Guillaume Ndjike, army spokesman.

He added that this act of bravery is therefore “an opportunity to reassure the people that they continue to support their army”.

Several local outlets claim that the M23 rebels were not visible in different parts of the region as the case has previously been.



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