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TSHISEKEDI REGIME PUNISHING IT’S OWN PEOPLE: Katumbi Saddened By Govt Delay To Give Kikwit Residents Electricity

As he continues his trail of revitalizing his party around of the country ahead of the presidential polls, the lead opposition leader has been left dejected by government’s neglect of its responsibilities towards its own people.

Opposition Ensemble Pour la Republique leader Moïse Katumbi has expressed his dismay over President Fèlix Tshisekedi led government to commission the power project in Kikwit of Kwilu Province.

Despite the works at the dam having been completed since 2020, Katumbi wonders why government has chosen to watch its own people continue living in the dark.

“There is really suffering here. No power, they are punishing the population. They have to act quickly. This dam has been ready since 2020. This electricity is not the property of the authorities, this dam belongs to all of us” Katumbi said when he addressed the people of Kikwit during his visit of the town.

Katumbi further lamented that Kikwit was currently faced with a plethora of other challenges among them lack of passable roads and unemployment but the the government was more focused on setting political tricks to frustrate the opposition.

“That the authorities act quickly to give you power, it is a right. I arrived here in 2010, I asked the question to Olivier Kamitatu and the authorities, they told me that there is no no power. It’s shameful. They should act quickly. Other problems in Kikwit are that there is no road, erosion is numerous, in Kikwit, there is no employment, I saw erosion in large numbers in Kanzombi. That’s the task of the authorities, their job is not only to prohibit the arrival of Katumbi in Kikwit” Katumbi said.

Katumbi finally made arrival in Kikwit having initially planned to visit the area in May but had been blocked by local authorities on the pretext that public gatherings had been banned owing to insecurities in the greater Bandundu due to the presence of the Mobondo militia group.



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