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CRITICAL SITUATION: Congo Airlines In Need of US$33 Million to Recover

Congo Airlines says it is in need of a mammoth US$33 million in order to resuscitate the company following the recent move to halt operations.

The national airliner recently halted its operations after all three of its planes were grounded after developing mechanical and technical faults respectively.

Congo Airlines Director General José Dubier Lueya has since revealed that the company has informed government that it will need US$33 million to repair the grounded planes and resume full operations.

While one of the two Q400s planes owned by the Congo Airlines is currently undergoing maintenance in Malta, the Airbus A320 plane grounded in Kinshasa requires replacement of the engine which could cost around US$14 million.

The other Q400 also remains grounded in Kinshasa due to technical reasons.

Meanwhile in a move that would be to avoid a long time of being non-operational, the Congo Airlines have suggested hiring of planes for the company to remain active in the meantime.

However, the revival of the Congo Airlines is doubtful after the government last year availed plans to launch a new airline to be launched from the its partnership with the Ethiopian Airlines.



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