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TSHISEKEDI READY TO CONCEDE DEFEAT: With Signs Clear, DRC President Has No Choice, But To Peacefully Leave Office After Polls

Incumbent President Fèlix Tshisekedi says he will concede defeat in an event he losses the presidency in the upcoming 2023 General Elections.

Tshisekedi since 2018 has been president of the Democratic Republic of Congo, a country ravaged by war and insecurities.

After an underwhelming five year term in office, Tshisekedi faces fierce competition from closest challenger Moïse Katumbi of the opposition coalition, Congo Ya Makasi.

And Tshisekedi has since confirmed he plans to handover power peacefully should he lose his bid for re-election this month.

“If it’s someone else who wins and I really lost legitimately, then it’s democracy…we will have to accept defeat” Tshisekedi said in a latest interview with the Financial Times.

Tshisekedi’s reign has been marred by several irregularities including a rapid increase in corruption and embezzlement of public funds and failure to manage the Congolese economy that has deteriorated aside the ever-growing insecurities in the eastern part of the country.



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