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TSHISEKEDI PLANTS WEAPONS TO IMPLICATE KATUMBI: Raids Yield Nothing But Results In Planted Devices

According to an anonymous source within DEMIAP (Congolese Military Intelligence), President Felix Tshisekedi’s agents sent to raid the residences of opposition leader Moise Katumbi and Salomon Kalonda has yielding nothing.

At Lubumbashi airport, a flight of the company SJL Aeronautica, registered D2-FIB, left the city in the direction of Kinshasa carrying military personnel. On board the plane was a military delegation including General-Major Ndaywel Okura Christian, Chief of the Intelligence Staff of the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC), as well as several other high-ranking officers.

Among the members of the delegation who accompanied Major General Ndaywel Okura Christian were Colonel Dsd Kadima Bulongu William, Colonel Kanda Germain, Colonel Kikuni Joseph, as well as 14 other soldiers whose identities have not yet been disclosed.

They were in Lubumbashi to execute instructions of Tshisekedi so that he has a free pass to the December 20 presidential elections. The military forced their way into the residences of the opposition and destroyed the properties to gain access. When inside, they planted materials they arrived on the scene with which they intend to use as evidence against Katumbi and Salomon.

During this operation, the general assigned and his team ensured they planted weapons of war to implicate Moise Katumbi in the same way they have done with the Mwangachuchu affair.

Their diabolical plan involves executing an arrest and trial of Katumbi in order to prevent him from running in the elections, which Felix Tshisekedi plans to rig to obtain a second term.

In addition, they allegedly went to Salomon S Kadela’s house to drop off a safe, take pictures, and then take it to Kinshasa to use as evidence in the trial, thus creating a judicial scene aimed at arresting and judging Katumbi and Salomon.



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