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TSHISEKEDI ORDERS: Soldiers Take Over Kinshasa Hotel Owned By Wife Of Ex-CENI Chief Corneille Nangaa

President Fèlix Tshisekedi’s dictatorship is escalating by each day as he continues to use government structures to fight his political rivals and support his personal ambitions.

On Wednesday evening, Tshisekedi ordered soldiers from the FARDC to take over a private property owned by exiled former Independent Electoral Commission (CENI) President Corneille Nangaa’s wife in Kinshasa.

A unit of over 50 fully armed soldiers stormed the New Castelo Hotel in the DRC capital and asked all staff to vacate the premises.

The soldiers also went ahead and forcefully asked all the customers and guests to check out of the hotel immediately as they had taken over the property.

The move by Tshisekedi comes after Nangaa, his former election rigging accomplice of 2018, formed a new coalition with the M23 Rebel Group.

While in exile, Nangaa has made a number of implicating revealations against Tshisekedi and their successful operation to rig the 2018 elections.



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