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INVESTIGATIONS: Probe Into Death Of Belgian IT Expert In Kinshasa Commences

Investigations have commenced into the killing of a Belgian IT Expert who was part of the European Union (EU) Observation Mission in Kinshasa.

Sources revealed that the foreign expert was murdered by state agents who suspected he had been in possession of the actual results of the election that they aimed to conceal.

The official position from government on the death of the expert had jumped off the 12th Floor of his hotel but several sources say otherwise.

Minister of Interior Affairs Peter Kazadi has since confirmed the commencement of investigations into the death of the expert.

“It concerns an IT manager from the European Union election observation mission who apparently threw himself from the 4th floor, resulting in his death. Investigations are underway to determine the circumstances of his death. I cannot say more at the moment,” Peter Kazadi said briefly, avoiding delving further into the matter.

Initially, the EU had planned to send a fully observe the DRC General Elections before they opted to withdraw its mission due to frustrations instigated by the government.

The EU later transformed their mission into an electoral experts team that was sent to analyze the elections in Kinshasa following discussions with the Congolese authorities.



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