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TSHISEKEDI IS THE REAL ENEMY: Tshisekedi Regime’s Injustices & Lack of Fairness Leading Congolese into Rebellion

The Democratic Republic of Congo is currently on the verge of a revolution as citizens continue to rebel and join forces against the government of imposter President Fèlix Tshisekedi.

The political-military coalition Congo River Alliance (AFC) led by Corneille Nangaa in collaboration with the M23 Rebel Group continue to gain more new members in their fight against Tshisekedi and his regime.

The AFC and the M23 Rebels have so far managed to occupy a larger part of North Kivu Province in the DR Congo’s eastern region and plan to advance into Kinshasa next.

Respected Catholic Priest Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo has warned that the Congolese population are fed up with the undemocratic and unfair Tshisekedi regime and will continue to rebel.

“The reason which push some people into joining rebels is that here Kinshasa we continue to take actions which hurt others, weaken cohesion and exclude others from the national cake” Cardinal Ambongo said.

Tshisekedi’s regime have so far failed to manage the situation in eastern DRC which continues to fall under the occupation of the M23 rebels while the government continues to issue baseless statementas and accusations against Rwanda.



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