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TSHISEKEDI IS AN IDIOT: His Evil Plans To Plunge Congo Exposed In The False Charges Slapped On Katumbi’s Special Advisor

Evidently, President Felix Tshisekedi has signed off to shed the blood of innocent Congolese so that he can continue to hold on to power even when his little popularity has waned. This is a clear mark of an idiot. An idiot would behave like Tshisekedi because such a one does not care about others but himself. And this is what we see in Tshisekedi and his insatiable appetite to hold on to power.

In the early evening of yesterday, we saw Tshisekedi’s lieutenants Colonel Ngodi Ngodi and interior minister Peter Kazadi show up in public to announce a litany of false charges against opposition leader Moise Katumbi’s special advisor Salomon Kalonda Della.

The Tshisekedi regime claims that Kalonda was plotting a coup to overthrow Tshisekedi as he was allegedly in contact with M23 rebels while the position Ensemble pour la Republique was collaborating with Rwanda to undermine a legitimate government.

They went further and bizarrely claimed should Kalonda have succeeded in his plans, he was preparing to transfer power to a Katangese national. How stupid and callous if not childish can a government of adults be?

Firstly, Salomon was arrested on May 31, 2023 at Ndjili International Airport in Kinshasa. He has been held for six days without access or charge. His arrest came 10 days after the first opposition protest was violently dispersed by Tshisekedi’s thugs in police uniform. On the same day, Tshisekedi and his supporters started the narrative that Salomon had a gun at the demonstration. Salomon showed up with other opposition leaders at the CENI offices a few days after the demonstration. They did not arrest him for allegedly possessing a gun or plotting to overthrow Tshisekedi.

However, they waited up to 10 days later to arrest someone who was plotting to overthrow the government. Does this even make sense? No, it doesn’t. Only idiots like Tshisekedi and his clowns will tell such stupid lies and believe them. Secondly, they claim that Salomon was to overthrow Tshisekedi to give power to a Katangese national.

Well, Salomon is not Katangese. He is from eastern Congo. However, it is common knowledge that the leader of Salomon’s party, Katumbi, is Katangese. So, which other Katangese are they claiming Salomon is wanting to transfer power to. Even a five year old child can disign a better scheme to accuse another person without trace.

But this in itself shows that it is not Salomon they want. It’s Katumbi they are targeting. Therefore getting Salomon was the first step to getting to Katumbi and eliminating him from the race for presidency. They have failed to use tribalism through that useless and bankrupt economist Noel Tshiani and his Congolite. Now they want to use marshal law to block Katumbi from participating in the elections on December 20, 2023. This is the beginning of Tshisekedi’s disastrous ending. Mobutu’s exit from Congo would look more dignified than what will befall Tshisekedi.

We agree with Christian Mwando Nsimba when he reacts that the charges slapped on Salomon is a poor job from a mafia playbook.

“The grievances brought by the #Demiap against Special Adviser Salomon Kalonda Della look like a bad copy of the “Mercenaries” file. Sad for my COUNTRY,” Mwando has remarked.

The entire Salomon persecution is a travesty of justices that can only be celebrated and fronted by idiots like Tshisekedi and his clowns.

It’s not surprising that lawyer and human rights defender Hervé Diakiese reacted on twitter, “for the first time in the history of criminal proceedings, judicial police officers hold a press conference and make public criminal qualifications yet the Public Prosecutor has not yet made a decision. Diakiese has criticized the scenario as procedurally wrong as it was a result of an illegal detention with Salomon denied access to his lawyer.

Well, Tshisekedi is power hungry. He was only installed as a compromise by Jospeh Kabila. So, he can kill to stay in power. He doesn’t care about the millions of Congolese people. This is why he assigned a military personnel to claim that Salomon was in permanent contact with the officials of the M23 movement and Rwandan officials with the objective of overthrowing Tshisekedi so that he can install a Katangese national.

The shameless characters have done it before even to there friends. Look at Beya and Biselele. Where are they? Next is Salomon and later Katumbi. Their childish schemes are easy to discern. On May 31, barely 24 hours after the arrest of Salomon, the Minister of Communication, Patrick Muyaya, started to prepare the population of this narrative when he featured on France 24 claiming “Moïse Katumbi has never condemned the Rwandan aggression.” So far, being the idiot that Muyaya is, he has also been exposed that his statement was false.

This is the same Muyaya who not too long ago accused Katumbi of blocking maize imports from Zambia. It took the Zambian president Hakainde Hichilema to clarify that in fact these dimwits in our government did not have a maize supply contract with Zambia. Instead, they were relying on smuggled maize which the Zambian government had closed up with strict controls. It’s now that the DRC government and Zambia has a maize supply contract.

Clearly, it is not the first time that Tshisekedi’s idiocy has led him to accuse Katumbi of collaborating with Zambia or Rwanda.

Fortunately, the people of Congo are not idiots like Tshisekedi and his clowns. They know and understand this scheme. An academician recently explained that “Mr. Tshisekedi knows full well that even in the event of massive fraud, he will find it difficult to beat Mr. Katumbi,”

Katumbi, the former governor of Katanga, is adored in the swahili speaking east and is guaranteed of landslide wins during the elections. He is also very popular in the west and has a strong hold on Katanga. With the coming together of Martin Fayulu, Augustin Matata Mpon and Delly Sesanga, the endorsement of Katumbi as the common opposition leader will leave Tshisekedi with no chance of winning the elections no matter how much he may try to rig.

Six months before the election, Tshisekedi has sensed defeat. He is now playing politics of chaos. What he doesn’t realize is that he is playing with fire. This scheme he has engaged will land our great nation into untold misery. The idiot must be stopped from plunging our country. The damage we have endured is beyond enough. We urge the international community to intervene and avert another global crisis.



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