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Tshiani Threatened His Ex-Wife Wife AK-47; He Is A “Liar” & “Manipulator” – American Judges

American judges have previously described Noelle Tshiani as a “liar” and “manipulator” who used an AK-47 weapon to threaten the life of his former wife Marie Louise Ntumba.

Tshiani, who is leading a discriminatory and divisive campaign in the Democratic Republic of Congo, has been discredited in the United States of America as unreliable and a deceiver.

The official, a Kasai, who belongs to President Felix Tshisekedi’s tribe has caused ripples with his proposal which seeks to prevent Congolese with at least one parent not originally from Congo from contesting the election is fueling tension.

Apart from being a liar and manipulator, Tshiani also abused his wife and once threatened to take her life with an AK-47 rifle.

According to court filings relating to his divorce in Maryland, USA in September 2013, Tshiani was 35 years old when marrying his wife on December 23, 1993 who at the time was18 years old.

The age difference between Tshiani and his former MarieLouise has given credence to allegations that he is a peadophile who preys on under age girls.

“Noel allegedly leveled a threat at Marie-Louise involving an AK-47 automatic rifle, the couple’s relationship ended in a bitter divorce in Maryland,” court filings reveal. “Unfortunately for Noel, the trial court found expressly that, as a general matter regarding his credibility at trial, Noel was ‘a liar and a manipulator,’ and that his testimony lacked credibility.”

This conclusion came on the back of claims that Tshiani submitted to court denying he married MarieLouise during a traditional ceremony.

After the court found that Tshiani was untruthful and could not sustain the marriage, divorce was granted in circuit court in which he was ordered to pay Marie-Louise a $543,000.00 monetary award, $23,493.75 in attorneys’ fees, indefinite alimony, child support for the parties’ three children, and 50% of the marital portion of the pension and separation grant he may receive eventually from his employer.

Tshiani has never paid the settlement and abandoned the United States to relocate to Congo where he has become a political nuisance sowing seeds of discord in a country that is blighted by poverty and war. The type of tension Tshiani is sowing is the same he is sowing in his matrimonial home.

The former World Bank employee has introduced a bill in the Congolese National Assembly that seeks to restrict the presidency to people with two Congolese parents, a clear move aimed at blocking popular opposition leader Moise Katumbi from contesting the 2023 election.

Civil society organizations and the Congolese population have widely condemned the proposal and warned that entertaining it will plunge the country into untold misery.



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