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BALKANIZATION: Tshiani “Segregationist Project” Will Deepen DRC Crisis, Each Region Will Go For Self Rule, Says Tony Bolamba

Tony Bolamba, the honorary governor of Equatorial and an international consultant, has warned that the proposed Tshiani law was a danger to the peace and tranquility of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Bolamba says the “dangers” represented by the “segregationist project” was to create a Congo steeped in divisions, clans and camps” which was a recipe for regions to push for the balkanization of the country.

The vocal politician says the greatest tragedies faced by the human was created by sectarianism anchored on race, ethnicity, religion or social class.

“The Tshiani bill risks inflaming the country and destroying the edifice of living together patiently. Whoever threatens our unity and peace like Tshiani must be dealt with. So arrest the ‘American citizen’ Noël Tshiani.

“…because if there is fire in the Congo, he will quickly take his plane to take refuge in his adopted country and we who only have the Congo as our homeland, what will become of us?”, he wondered.

Bolamba says Tshiani does not love Congo and was out there to create the amount of confusion he has done with the introduction of a divisive law.



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