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TSHIAN LAW: Katumbi Will Be Disqualified With Or Without Congolite, Says Tshisekedi’s National Deputy

Despite a fall-out between President Félix Tshisekedi and failed American economist, the Head of State and the ruling party are determined to exclude opposition Ensembe pour la République leader Moise Katumbi from contesting the December 20, 2023 elections.

National Deputy Nsingi Pululu who filed the motion for the National Assembly to consider a bill that will result in a controversial law which requires a presidential candidates to demonstrate both his or her parents are Congolese will be tabled before parliament despite the March session elapsing.

Pululu, a tribesmate of President Tshisekedi, says whether the Tshiani Law is enacted or not, anyone who dares to submit his candidacy as President of the Republic without having both his or her parents (father and mother) will have their nomination invalidated.

The bill which failed to pass parliament in 2021 is widely seen as a gimmick by President Tshisekedi to eliminate Katumbi who father, Nissim Soriano, is a Greek-Jew who fled the Holocaust and settled in the Belgian Congo where he married a Congolese woman, Mama Virgine and built a highly successful business empire.

Pululu told local media Monday, July 3, 2023 that the question of the law on Congo parentage was classified as a new matter during the March session of the National Assembly.

He says in order to enlighten public opinion on the future of the bill, Pululu underlines that the so-called Tshiani Law will be examined once the lower house of Parliament completes all its business before resuming the next session

“It’s not a trap. You have read the calendar for the March session, there was the new subjects section and there are four subjects left. Once these are emptied, it will now be the place for the Tshiani law. So it can happen in October or in September or towards the end. If this matter is emptied before, it will now be the Tshiani law. But that doesn’t mean we’re looking for anyone, the law takes its normal course.

If you’re a candidate and your father and mother are not screaming, why do you want to be a candidate for president of the Republic, that is a provocation,” said a disoriented and deranged sounding Pululu.



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