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TREASURE PEACE FOR DRC: Respect Kabila & Others, Jaynet Kabila Tells Tshisekedi

Jaynet Kabila, a National Deputy and sister of former President Joseph Kabila, has cautioned President Felix Tshisekedi and his regime against taking part of the peace the country enjoys for granted.

Jaynet was speaking in the wake of speculation that the former president’s premises will be raided by military personnel.

“For peace and social harmony everyone has the responsibility and obligation to respect and honor all the former Presidents of the Republic as well as other dignified sons who sacrificed their youth for the interest of the nation sometimes to the ultimate sacrifice,” she said.

Meanwhile, the political party belonging to Kabila, PPRD, has sent warning shots to the Tshisekedi regime on the imminent raid on Kabila’s residence in Kinshasa.

Ferdinand Kambere, a representative of PPRD, has denounced the scheme to raid Kabila’s residence in Kingakati as an operation in bad taste.

“Kabila is not worried at all. He is at peace but the regime should not they are setting us up for a dangerous game,” Kambere said.

On Thursday, military personnel acting on orders from Tshisekedi raided the residences of Ensemble pour la RĂ©publique leader Moise Katumbi and his special advisor Salomon Kalonda.

Salomon was kidnapped on May 30, 2023 by ANR agents who have since then detained him at DEMIAP in Kinshasa. On June 5, 2023, the military falsely accused and charged Salomon of owning a firearm and harboring intentions to overthrow Tshisekedi with the view of installing a Katangese in power.

Government sources have disclosed that the scheme is aimed an creating a narrative that will lead to blocking Katumbi from contesting the presidential elections on December 20, 2023.



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