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COURAGE MAMA SALOMON: Katumbi, Madam Carine Visit Special Advisor’s Mother After Illegal Raid

Opposition leader Moise Katumbi and his wife madam Carine this evening took time to visit the mother of his special advisor Salomon Kalonda Della.

The 85-year-old woman’s residency was raided by President Felix Tshisekedi’s agents this morning.

Tshisekedi has ordered the arrest of Katumbi’s advisor on false charges of attempting to overthrow him by collaborating with M23 rebels.

Military personnel are holding Salomon at DEMIAP where he has been denied access to his lawyers, family and friends.

The allegations that he had a weapon has been debunked by another opposition leader Augustin Matata Mapon who revealed that the firearm in question belonged to his bodyguard.

Intelligence source have disclosed that Tshisekedi is targeting to arrest Katumbi so he can eliminate him from the presidential race ahead of elections on December 20, 2023.



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