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THE KABILISTS RESPOND: Kabila’s Eloquent Silence A Source of Worry For Tshisekedi

The People’s Party for Reconstruction and Democracy (PPRD) have strongly denounced the useless accusations by Eric Nkumba Chebandu that Republican Joseph Kabila is one of the members and supporters of the actions of political-military coalition Congo River Alliance (AFC) and its leader Corneille Nangaa.

On Friday, the Congolese Army (FARDC) presented Chebandu whom they had taken hostage and was one of most important figures in Nangaa and the AFC.

Chebandu who has rebelled against Nangaa and the AFC, was later captured on camera falsely accusing Joseph Kabila to be one of the supporters of the AFC in its cause to oust the illegitimate and undemocratic Fèlix Tshisekedi regime.

Now residing abroad, Kabila has remained silent despite continous attacks and harassment by the Tshisekedi government on him as well as his family back home.

Kabila’s party, the PPRD have since responded to Chebandu and the Tshisekedi government’s allegations against its founding leader.

“The People’s Party for Reconstruction and Democracy, PPRD in acronym, vehemently denounces the petty campaign of demonization of its national President, comrade Joseph KABILA KABANGE, Honorary President of the Democratic Republic of Congo and First Senator for life under the 3rd Republic; campaign led by a regime at bay, totally vampirizing, through social networks by well-known courtiers and flatterers of Mr. President Félix TSHILOMBO on what is happening in the East of the Country” a statement signed by PPRD permanent secretary Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary reads.

Without the slightest proof and in a crude montage, President KABILA is cited for a matter that he does not know and which cannot interest him for having led the DRC with patriotism, self-sacrifice, conviction and vision,” the statement reads.



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