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TERRITORY INVASION: Congo Army Arrest South Sudan Rebel in Haut-Uele

The Democratic Republic of Congo’s army (FARDC) have arrested a member of a South Sudanese rebel group in the Faradje territory of Haut-Uele Province.

Majak Duet, a second-class element in the ranks of the South Sudanese NASFA rebellion, was apprehended by FARDC soldiers on Tuesday April 2 in the locality of Didu, in the Kakwa Ima chiefdom, in Faradje territory during a routine patrol carried out by elements of the regional intervention forces battalion of the Uele operational sector.

Duet was on Thursday April 4, presented at the headquarters of the Uele operational sector based in Dungu.

During his interrogation, the rebel allegedly claimed he had simply set foot on Congolese soil to seek refuge.

“Majak Duet, second class within this movement, finds it difficult at the current stage to establish the reasons for his presence on Congolese soil, because he only speaks Arabic. At the appropriate time, the opinion will be decided given that we are deepening the investigations.

It should be remembered that for some time, these outlaws have been disturbing the peace of our fellow citizens. In July 2023, the soldiers of the 32052nd battalion of the Uele operational sector had released a young man from 17 years old named Dakwayosa Michel, kidnapped by these delinquents who took him to South Sudan. The soldiers of the armed forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo engaged in the Uele operational sector are entirely determined to discourage and neutralize anyone would attempt to disrupt the peace of our fellow citizens,” spokesperson for the army in the Uele operational sector, Captain Yuma Kinsher Mba July said.

It should be noted that for some time, the Congolese-South Sudanese border has been plagued by insecurity imposed by negative armed groups.



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