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THE CONSTITUTIONAL COURT IS PART OF THE MAFIA: Katumbi Will Not Contest Fraudulent Presidential Elections In Court

Democratic Republic of Congo’s biggest opposition party, Ensemble pour la République, says it will not go to the country’s Constitutional Court to seek justice over its controversial electoral defeat.

Many analysts including Congo’s electoral body – the CENI – insiders, NGOs and results of parallel voter tabulation say the party has won the election by more than 67% though it has been massively rigged in favour of incumbent Felix Tshisekedi.

The opposition have since called for countrywide demonstrations but Tshisekedi is equally determined to cling on.

Ensemble pour la République, which is led by its popular and charismatic leader Moise Katumbi, however says it will not be going to court to contest the outcome.

“After the most expensive and fraudulent elections ever organized in the DRC, we hear through declarations and press releases calls inviting candidates who contest the results of this cheating to resort to legal channels and the Constitutional Court. Those who make such comments demonstrate hypocrisy tinged with shameless cynicism,” declared the party’s presidential spokesperson Olivier Kamitatu.

“My duty is to remind them that to stay in power even against the will of the people, the regime has set up an official structure of fraud ranging from the CENI to the Constitutional Court. Moreover, all the institutions involved in the electoral process are only chaired by members of the Tshisekedi tribe.”

Kamitatu says the Constitutional Court “is therefore the last link in the axis of evil and constitutes the extension of the machine put in place to maintain the current regime.
The constitutional court will only be able to sanction the fraud already orchestrated upstream. This would allow him to whitewash Kadima’s fraud and that is even his role in the axis of evil against real elections.”

Kamitatu charged that Denis Kadima, the CENI chairperson, planned and organized chaos which can never be canceled by his accomplices in the Constitutional Court.

He says there is urgent need to continue to demonstrate “all the fraud which fundamentally discredits this mafia process which has been nothing more than a financial pit.”

“All we have left is art 64, which requires every Congolese to thwart any illegal attempt to take power.”

The elections, which have been unconstitutionally extended by more than six days, have been marred with killings of opposition supporters while voting machines have been found in homes of the ruling class.

There are currently opposition protests in Kinshasa against the results.



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