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THANK YOU LISALA: Katumbi Applauds People Of Lisala For Openly Telling Tshisekedi That He Has Failed Them Woefully

Opposition common candidate Moïse Katumbi has applauded the people of Lisala, Mongala Province for standing up boldly to tell outgoing president Fèlix Tshisekedi he has failed them.

Tshisekedi was on Monday evening handed a sucker punch during his campaign rally in Lisala where he was virtually called a thief.

The outgoing president invited one of the members of the crowd for an interaction that turned into an embarrassing scene for him as he was told to his face he had failed build a pit latrine for the people of Lisala.

After surviving several attempts to sabotage his campaign by the frustrated Tshisekedi, Katumbi held his rally that was massively attended by the locals this Tuesday afternoon.

“I thank you for openly telling the outgoing president that he has not initiated any project for Lisala, not even a toilet! I just walked alongside you from the airport” Katumbi said at the rally.

Katumbi also acknowledged the people of Lisala’s plethora of challenges they had been faced with after being abandoned by Tshisekedi and his government who had delivered not even one project in the area.

“I noticed that there are no roads, no water, no electricity. No projects have been carried out. This is the consequence of a power that abandoned you for 5 years and thought of coming here as part of the campaign with new fanciful promises. No longer accept being the turkeys of the joke” he said.



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