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LIKE A THIEF WHO COMES IN THE NIGHT: Tshisekedi Arrives In Lubumbashi For A Weak Campaign Rally To A Rented Crowd

Like the Bible teaches Christians that a thief comes in the night so did President Felix Tshisekedi do to Lubumbashi, Haut Katanga where he and his family have plundered minerals of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Tshisekedi held a meeting after 8pm after forcing markeeters and street vendors not to trade but attend the meeting at the city square.

A rented crowd, majority reportedly paid between 10, 000 to 20, 000 Congolese francs stayed late to wait for Tshisekedi.

With little or no substance, Tshisekedi did not take responsibility for the situation in Congo.

Instead, he blamed popular and main rival Moïse Katumbi of failing to developing Katanga when he was Governor 15 years ago.

Lubumbushi is the DRC’s second largest city with a population estimated at over 6 million.

However, less than a thousand people stayed up to watch Tshisekedi ramble some words of accusations after another.



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