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TENSION IN GOMA: Eight People Shot Dead in 48 Hours in Goma

Armed robbers have in the past two days killed at least eight (8) people in the city of Goma, North Kivu Province, local sources have revealed.

Four of these victims were shot dead on the night of Wednesday, 10th April at the entrance of the “President Entrance” situated on Sake road.

Witnesses have testified that a car in which a son to one of the well-known businessmen in the area who was in the company of his accountant and a police officer were attacked and robbed of a large sum of money which they had in their possession by heavily armed men.

The victims were riddled with bullets as the robbers tried to seize the money and also fired gunshots at several other people on streets with one of the bullets hitting a woman who died on the spot with eight others left injured in the process.

Earlier on Tuesday, four other people were shot dead by men army uniforms in the neighborhood of Majengo with witnesses identifying the main mastermind of the attack to be an officer in the Congolese army (FARDC).

So far there has been no reaction by government or local authorities in the area over these latest attacks with citizens calling on the state to strengthen security in the area.



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