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TARGETING THE OPPOSITION: Lifting of Moratorium on Death Penalty Aimed at Killing Members of the Opposition

The Government in the Democratic Republic of Congo has lifted the moratorium on the death sentence in a move to reduce on crime such as treachery within the army, urban banditry and collaborating with aggressors or enemies nation.

However, opposition Ensemble Pour la Republique party General Secretary Herve Diakiese has described the government’s decision to lift the moratorium on the death sentence as an act aimed at targeting opponents of the state.

The government’s decision has left the Congolese population wondering about the state’s true intention behind the move in a country where judicial system remains unreliable and incompetent.

“While they recognize that justice is sick. While they know that, to this day, no one can guarantee the impartiality and neutrality of the judicial authorities, they have decided to lift the moratorium on a sentence whose execution is irrevocable and irreparable” Diakiese writes on X.

“They have the bravery of those behind the trigger of the gun, without imagining for a single moment that no magistrate would swear, on his head, to be able to benefit from a fair trial if he were to be judged in the same way as he himself judges the litigants.

Today, they want to give a judicial veneer to the way in which they will execute those of their opponents whom they will declare traitors, without making any nuance between the fact to oppose a regime of cheating, which disregards public freedoms, and to betray one’s country” he adds.



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