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SILENCING THE PUBLIC: Prosecutor Issues Warning of Arrest to Public On Making Comments On The Court’s Verdict On the Death of Chérubin Okende

Killer President Fèlix Tshisekedi has moved to silence the public opinion on the Court’s ridiculous conclusion claiming that former Transport Minister Cherubin Okende had committed suicide.

Tshisekedi who sent ANR agents to kidnap and assassinate Okende last year in July, has ordered the Attorney General Firmin Mvonde to ensure that the case dies a natural death.

Mvonde has since instructed the prosecutor at the Kinshasa-Gombe High Court to prosecute anyone making “gratuitous assertions” on the court’s verdict of the report on the death of the former spokesperson for Moïse Katumbi’s Ensemble Pour la Republique party.

“Following this communication, I was informed of gossip in all directions, distilled in the media around the conclusion of the above expert reports, which I made public, with the barely veiled aim of political recovery and to discredit justice. Faced with these allegations, I ask you to challenge any person who may be the author of them in order to shed some light on your situation, while reminding you that gratuitous assertions constituting false rumors are repressed by law”, the Attorney General’s correspondence to the court reads.

The court’s assertion that Okende had committed has so far been questioned by several people including the civil society, as well as the biological and political family of the deceased.



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