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SERIOUS ACCUSATIONS: Public Prosecutor Stresses Gravity of Modero Nsimba’s Allegations Against the Tshisekedi Brothers & General Ndaywel in Okende Assassination

The DR Congo’s public prosecution department has warned former Tourism Minister Modero Nsimba of the seriousness of the allegations he is said to have made against President Fèlix Tshisekedi’s brothers Christian and Jacques, as well as Head of Military Intelligence, General Christian Ndaywel in the assassination of Chérubin Okende.

Modero Nsimba has been charged with spreading falsehoods in an audio that went viral on social media in which he has been heard mentioning both Christian and Jacques Tshisekedi as well as General Ndaywel as the main masterminds behind the killing of Okende, a former Minister of Transport and spokesperson of the opposition Ensemble Pour la Republique party.

Although he admits the the voice heard in the audio is his, Nsimba denies to be the author of the comments made in the audio.

During the hearing held on Friday, March 22 at the Court of Cassation, the public prosecutor stressed that the assertions made by the accused are serious as it concerns the death of a former minister and national deputy without him having any solid proof.

“The elected deputy for the electoral constituency of Moanda in the province of Kongo Central made statements during an interview, during which he attributed to three people named, namely: Mr. Christian Tshisekedi, Jacques Tshisekedi and General Christian Ndaywel, the assassination of the late national deputy Chérubin Okende.

These declarations or assertions, broadcast in an audio that has gone viral on the web, accusing these people of the assassination of a person, are serious, especially since it does not have proof of this. Mr. President, when you examine the minutes, you will understand that this behavior falls under article 189 of the penal code, book II,” declared the officer of the public prosecutor during the hearing.

The Court of Cassation is set to receive the public prosecutor’s indictment as well as the parties’ pleadings on March 27.



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