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REGIONAL CONCERN: DRC’s Security Crisis a Major Challenge in theSub-Region

Zambian President and head of the SADC Security Troika Hakainde Hichilema has described the security crisis in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo as a major challenge for the sub-region.

Speaking at the SADC summit focused on the prevailing security situation of the DRC held in the Zambian capital Lusaka, President Hichilema said peace and stability in the eastern part of the DRC remain a major challenge within the sub-region.

In addition, President Hichilema called for serious efforts to be made to restore peace in the eastern part of the DRC, where “the security and humanitarian situations remain very worrying”.

Meanwhile, SADC Executive Secretary Elias Mpedi Magosi reiterated the commitment of the SADC Military Mission to the DRC (SAMIDRC) contributing countries to redoubling their efforts for the purpose of restoring peace in the DRC.

“We also support political and diplomatic efforts for lasting peace in eastern DRC, notably the Lusaka and Nairobi processes,” he declared.

The DRC is also present at this summit and is represented by Republican President Félix Tshisekedi who leads a delegation made up of several government officials.



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