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SELF-INTERESTS: Matata Ponyo Has Offered Himself To Tshisekedi

Former Prime Minister and LGD party president Augustin Matata Ponyo’s time in the opposition is running out as suggested in the latest statement released.

Matata Ponyo withdrew from the presidential race in the 20 December elections to put his weight behind Moïse Katumbi who came second to incumbent Fèlix Tshisekedi in the 20 December elections.

Short of figures to fill crucial roles in his regime, Tshisekedi oustretched out his hand that is already attracting some actors in the Congolese political opposition.

Matata Ponyo is undoubtedly one of those ready to abandon the fight for democracy and good governance to take up a post in Tshisekedi’s regime being ranked among the best elected officials in the national legislative elections.

On Saturday, LGD party general secretary Franklin Tshamala hinted at Matata’s intentions to return to the Prime Minister’s office.

“If all the conditions are met, Matata will work. The missions and results must be well defined. Matata was trained by the Congolese state, what could be more normal than that he can be of service to his brothers and sisters” Tshamala said.

Well known for his outspokenness, Tshamala, without fear of being contradicted, submitted that the record of the current the Prime Minister, Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde was very chaotic.

Meanwhile, Tshamala did not hesitate to list some of the feats achieved by his boss, Matata during his tenure as PM including among other things, banking, the inheritance with the Transco company, etc.

In this sense, Tshamala presents his leader as the man with the profile likely to meet the many expectations of the Congolese, for this second five-year term alongside Tshisekedi.



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