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SECRET AGREEMENT: Fayulu Has Sold His Soul To The Devil For US$8 Million

In a bid to weaken the opposition and increase his chances of being re-elected, the incumbent had to pay out a price so high but not enough to buy out the Congolese people’s resolve to use the ballot to bring sanity to the country.

Opposition candidate Martin Fayulu allegedly accepted a US$8 Million bribe from incumbent President Fèlix Tshisekedi in exchange of his withdrawal from the proposed opposition coalition.

Diplomatic sources have exclusively revealed that Fayulu was approached by Tshisekedi with the offer after the opposition candidates’ representatives meeting held in Pretoria, South Africa where preliminary discussions around the pact were held.

Fayulu, who was also represented in Pretoria, along with Independent candidate Denis Mukwenge and Delly Sesanga surprisingly withdrew from the proposed opposition coalition prematurely after being enticed with some dollars by Tshisekedi.

Sources have also revealed that in the secret agreement between Fayulu and the Tshisekedi includes a clause of confidentiality as requested by the former.

Fayulu now goes around the country in imposing himself before the Congolese people in the disguise of being a challenger in the presidential race while he sides with the incumbent.

This latest revealation comes after Franck Diongo who withdrew from the presidential race to back opposition candidate Moïse Katumbi, also confirmed having been approached by Tshisekedi to back out of the coalition in exchange of money and other luxuries but pushed back the advances.

The opposition coalition, with Katumbi as the common candidate, has so far been received with overwhelming support around the country with Diongo, Augustin Matata Ponyo and Seth Kikuni all part of the pact that promises to be a serious competitor in the 20 December 2023 Presidential Election.



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