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RESTITUTION: Djugu Militias Return Stolen Vehicles to Owners

Two armed groups in Bambu of Djugu city in Ituri Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo have returned motor vehicles that they had snatched away during various ambushes to the rightful owners.

On Thursday, the two armed groups, Union Revolutionaries for the Defence of the Congolese People (URDPC) as well as the Popular Self-Defense Movement of Ituri (MAPU) proceeded with the restitution of the vehicles that they had forcibly grabbed from the owners over last few months on the Iga Barrière-Mongwalu road axis.

This latest act by the two militias is part of the recent road map adopted by the two groups after signing a peace agreement last June.

URDPC gave back three vehicles including a MAN truck, a Toyota Hilux as well as Toyota RAV4 4×4 while the MAPI also returned three Toyota Corona branded vehicles.

The representatives of both the URDPC and MAPI also reiterated their desire for peace and allow people to transport their goods freely in Djugu.



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