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MASSIVE CROWDS: Manono & Malemba Nkulu Hands Presidential-Favourite Katumbi Thunderous Reception

The Katanga territory towns Manono & Malemba Nkulu came to a standstill Friday as Presidential candidate Moïse Katumbi arrived to kick-off his tour of the North Katanga territories.

Thousands of citizens in the two towns took to the streets in order catch a glimpse and listen to message the Ensemble Pour la Republique President had to deliver to them ahead of the December billed Presidential Polls.

Katumbi first touched down in Malemba-Nkulu Territory before proceeding to Manono where he addressed massive crowds and continued preaching his message of economic and developmental transformation as well as restoration of peace in the DR Congo.

He urged the citizens of Malemba Nkulu and Manono to show up in numbers to exercise their right to vote on 20th December to give themselves chance of getting justice for the numerous atrocities committed against them by President Fèlix Tshisekedi’s regime.

“The people must go out to vote in order to punish the power that steals and kills its own people” Katumbi urged the citizens.

Meanwhile, Katumbi also demanded the observance of a minute of silence in honour of the late ally Cherubin Okende, who was assassinated earlier this year, as well as the victims recently killed during the demonstrations in Goma, east DR Congo.

Katumbi had been scheduled to continue his tour of North Katanga territory with the town of Kongolo as his next destination but will not make the trip after government banned him from landing at the town’s aerospace runway.



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