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REJECTED: The Civil Society Denounce Tshisekedi’s Crooked Attempt to Amend Constitution in Order to Remain President For Life

Democratic Republic of Congo’s imposter President Fèlix Tshisekedi’s scheme to amend the nation’s Constitution so as to hold on to power for life continues being received with firm rejection and condemnation.

The New Congolese Civil Society (NSCC) have protested against Fèlix Tshisekedi’s attempt to revise the DR Congo’s Constitution stressing that the nation is at this point not ready at to attend to such matters particularly due to several challenges being faced.

NSCC National Coordinator Jonas Tshiombela says that the timing chosen by Tshisekedi and his cohorts to discuss matters of the amending the constitution is not right.

“We are aware that the Constitution of the Republic provides for these methods of revision or adjustments when there are problems and these mechanisms are feasible,” says Jonas Tshiombela.

Tshiombela further laid a series of pertinent questions for Tshisekedi and his government: is it she (constitution) which places us in a position to always be on the defensive when our country is attacked? By changing the constitution, will we be able to review the system of governance of the Republic in terms of misappropriation of property, the fight against impunity and corruption? Are these the challenges that must be met?” the activist pressed.

The NSCC National Coordinator further explains that; “the country is under threat of balkanization, the moment is not well chosen. In addition, in a state of siege, it is very difficult to talk about revising the constitution, it is even forbidden. We do not see the opportunity nor the challenges that the constitution once revised will be able to resolve the problem of governance of the republic.”

During his meeting with Congolese community living in Belgium last week, Tshisekedi announced that he was in coming days set to establish a multi-disciplinary national commission to reflect on arriving at the proposal for a new constitution, a move widely seen as a scheme to twist the law into allowing him stand for an illegal third term in office.



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