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EASTERN DRC UPRISING: Congolese Population Join Forces With M23 to Dig Minerals at Rubaya Mine

The situatuin in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo is getting worse by each day that passes with the Congolese now losing all hope in its President Felix Tshisekedi’s government and opt to side with the rebels for their safety as well as livelihood.

Locals in Masisi territory of North Kivu Province have joined forces with the M23 rebel fighters to dig up minerals at Rubaya Mine.

“The population was forced to participate in the meeting of the M23 rebels. As if that were not enough, they people started digging minerals with them in perimeter number 76, the Rubaya mine” Mbindule told Top Congo FM.

“In 5 days, the M23 have exploited 5440 kg of coltan and 3250 kg of cassiterite. These minerals are stored in the city of Musharo before being transported to Rwanda,” he reveals.

Mbindule has since called on the Congolese armed forces (FARDC) to intensify the fighting to face this aggression and recover the territory while also appealing to the locals against joining the M23.

“We also ask the sons and daughters of Rubaya not to give in to the pressure of these terrorists. You must not adhere to it! Even if you are forced, they must be sabotaged because you will be released shortly,” he reassures.



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