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POPULISIM: CENCO Condemns Attempt by Tshisekedi’s Supporters to Link Church to Failed Coup Perpetrator

The National Episcopal Conference of Congo (CENCO) have condemned attempts by DR Congo’s imposter president Felix Tshisekedi’s supporters to link the church to Christian Malanga, the perpetrator of Sunday’s ailed coup d’etat attempt.

Photos of Malanga standing next to several Congolese bishops as well as other opposition personalities have been circulated on social networks by Tshisekedi-pro journalists and bloggers for populist purposes and attempt to accuse the church of having connections to the American-based aggressor.

“It turns out that the Bishops, in their pastoral care, allow themselves to be approached, in every place, by any human person, for photos or videos. This does not mean that there are any special relationships with these people. They thus condemn any recovery of these images by malicious people for unhealthy populist purposes,” says CENCO.

The CENCO clarified that Christian Malanga was not a member of any official institution of the Catholic Church, neither at the level of the Holy See at the Vatican in Rome, nor at the level of the local Church in DR Congo. “His despicable acts do not commit the Catholic Church, either directly or indirectly,” adds the CENCO.

Meanwhile, CENCO also expressed its indignation and condemned these attacks which undermined the institutions of the Republic and caused deaths.



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