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PONTIFF TAKES OFF: Catholic Spiritual Leader Concludes DRC Visit

Pope Francis yesterday concluded his visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo with a stinging message to end corruption.

The supreme Leader of the Catholic Church, the largest Christian faith in the Central African nation, delivered a three prone message to global super powers, the country’s leaders and the youth.

Pope Francis told the international community to back off on exploiting the DRC. He urged the leaders of the Congo to ensure they held a free, fair, transparent, credible and inclusive election in December 2023.

The highlight of his visit was when he addressed youths at the 80, 000 capacity stadium in Kinshasa when the crowd broke in unison declaring that President Felix Tshisekedi’s mandate was now over.

The Pope had just told the youths to say no to corruption before they broke into anti Tshisekedi chants which situation has not sat down well with the ruling party and its leadership.

After a final head-to-head between Pope Francis and the Head of State in the presidential lounge at N’djili International Airport on Friday, the spiritual father of the Catholic Church said goodbye to the authorities present before being escorted to the foot of his plane by the local entourage.



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