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DRC CORRUPTION: Transparency International Shows Congo Perform Poorly At 166th Ranking Out Of 180 Countries Globally

The Democratic Republic of Congo has continued to perform dismally on the Transparency International Corruption index ranking with the 2022 report showing a marginal improvement by one point only.

According to the latest 2022 ranking released January 31, 2023, the DRC is showing little efforts to shrug off the corruption that has partly subjected its population to abject poverty.

The Corruption Perception Index by Transparency International ranks the Democratic Republic of Congo as the 166th most corrupt country in the world out of the 180 countries surveyed.

After having taken note of this report, on Tuesday January 31, 2022, the Agency for the Prevention and Fight against Corruption (APLC) believes that this new position of the DRC reflects the efforts made over the past three years in the relentless fight against corruption. corruption in the country.

Denmark, Finland, New Zealand, Norway and Singapore are the best performing countries in the world with fewer corruption cases reported while Botswana has the best indicator in Africa.

Officials in Congo have praised themselves for the dismal effort saying they have noted considerable progress in the corruption ranking and awarded themselves three notches which does not reflect on the Transparency International website.

Thierry Mbulamoko, Coordinator of the anti-corruption agency in the DRC named APLC, admitted that noted that corruption negatively affects public trust and the legitimacy of political power.

“It reduces the capacity of the state to strengthen its institutions that can support growth and development. That’s why fighting it is a patriotic duty,” he said.

Mbulamoko claimed that through mechanisms put in place to fight corruption, the DRC has set itself the overall objective of strengthening integrity and reducing corruption by at least 60% by 2026.

He said his agency’s fight against corruption revolves around three strategic axes, namely detection, prevention and repression.

Meanwhile, TI Executive Director Daniel Eriksson said on releasing the report that corruption undermines governments’ ability to protect people and erodes public trust, provoking more and harder to control security threats.

“On the other hand, conflict creates opportunities for corruption and subverts governments’ efforts to stop it. Global peace has been deteriorating for 15 years. Corruption has been both a key cause and result of this,” said Eriksson.



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