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PLIGHT OF UNSUNG HEROES: Maniema Teachers Go Three Months With Pay

Task and devoted to the responsibility of nurturing and imparting knowledge in the future leaders of the nation, teachers in Kailo territory in the DR Congo city of Maniema are seemingly less appreciated.

In an interview with Radio Okapi on Friday, the Congolese Teachers Union (SYECO) claimed that teachers had not received their monthly remunerations for last three consecutive months.

SYECO Representative in Punia, David Afinde doubted if the government would be able to fulfill its responsibility to pay the teachers’ salaries before the start of the 2023/24 education calendar year.

“We left last May to the present day, until then the teachers of the territory of Punia are not yet in possession of their salaries. So we have already received correspondence from the minister for registrations, directives for the resumption of classes. How the health of the territorial and in particular the territory of Punia until then the salaries of June have not yet come out? Will we be in possession of the salaries for two months before the start of the school year?” Afinde wondered.



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