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PLIGHT OF TRUCK DRIVERS IN CONGO: “The Situation In 2023 Is Like We Are In 1990”

A truck driver delivering merchandize in the Democratic Republic of Congo write,

The state should be more organized and save everyone’s time, why introduce a Control point like Mutaka when there is already Kanyaka which is been poorly managed and causing Kilometers of queues that take days to clear not forgetting the Kasumbalesa border madness. Making drivers spend most of their time along the roads traumatized by thugs! We are in the computer age! Plan like we’re in the 2023 not 1990 when there were a handful of trucks on the roads. DRC and GRZ have the potential to make trade and business run swiftly. Just an accident and the road is blocked for hours and this has been a norm for some years without a solution? Come on leaders! Kasumbalesa should operate 24hrs and anything standing in the way should be changed.

CREDIT: Truck Driver



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