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OVERCROWDED PRISON: Over Hundred Inmates Suffering From Tuberculosis In Goma Prison

Over one hundred prisoners at Munzenze central prison in Goma, North Kivu Province, have suffered from tuberculosis due to overcrowding at the facility.

Muzenze Prison interim director Mwisha Ivette attributed the outbreak of the disease to overcrowding at the penitentiary establishment which continues to record new cases of the infectious pathology of the lungs.

“Apart from tuberculosis, other prisoners struggle with some neglected tropical diseases, including ringworm and scabies. In the central prison of Munzenze, there are currently 3,500 inmates. Nearly 105 of them suffer from tuberculosis,” said the director of Munzenze central prison.

Built in 1950, the Munzenze has a capacity of 350 inmates but currently has an outstanding 3,500 residents at the capacity.

“We fear a possible spread of the disease among prisoners. Some people whose families provide medical care are treated in the Virunga Hospital buildings,” she said.

In view of the emergencies at the Goma prison, the authorities at facility have appealed to the Congolese government’s health department to provide a concrete response in order to preserve the remains of prisoners in the prison.



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