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[OPINION] BLOODIED RAMAPHOSA: South Africa President Happy To See His Troops Slaughtered In Senseless DRC War; Enjoying The Chaos At Expense Of The Poor

The death of two South African peacekeepers in the Congo war soon after arriving in Goma made sad reading yesterday. It’s very unfortunate that after contributing to the creation of the choas in the Democratic Republic of Congo, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa is now sacrificing his own people.

South Africa has deployed nearly 3000 troops as peacekeepers to help quell a rebel insurgency that has recently pounded east Congo and is on the verge of taking over the eastern city of Goma.

Well, Ramaphosa had an opportunity to avert this crisis. For his interest, he supported the arranged installation as President of DRC in 2018.

As if that’s not enough, Ramaphosa returned in 2023 to back the fraudulent election of Tshisekedi. And he expects the people of Congo to sing hallelujah for him and Tshisekedi. While we do not support war, we understand the pain Congolese are going through. They have endured a lot and all they are asking for is a decent way of choosing their leaders that will be accepted by all.

Failure to respect their will is now causing untold misery across the continent. We predicted this; we don’t know how Tshisekedi and Ramaphosa did not see this coming. All they saw was their selfish ambition of returning power. Now see what is happening.

Instead of lookting the Congolese resources alone, Tshisekedi and Ramaphosa are now responsible for the hundreds of deaths recorded so far. And it doesn’t seem like this war is ending anytime soon for as long as Tshisekedi remains in office illegally.

We agree with Julius Malema’s condemnation of Ramaphosa for the death of the two soldiers. Ramaphosa should have consulted beforw embarking on his journey to sacrifice his soldier. We will not be suprisied if by next week, they are wiped out in the thickets of DRC.

“South African deployment of soldiers to DRC is out of order, it must be withdrawn with immediate effect,” said Julius Malema. “Not that South Africa is not supposed to deploy in DRC, we just don’t have the army. Our army can’t look after cabbages.”

Malema said the ANC had “collapsed” the army and that was why the EFF in its manifesto says that it would finance the army to ensure that it was properly trained and equipped.

The country was infiltrated with thugs who are bringing in AK47s from neighbouring countries but the army was nowhere to be see, Malema said.

This was further proof that there was no army in South Africa and that it had no business going on any deployments.



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