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OPERATION BLOCK KATUMBI: Tshisekedi Shifts Scheme Eliminate Katumbi From Presidential Race To Constitutional Court

Splenetic DR Congo President Fèlix Tshisekedi remains determined to see popular opposition candidate Moïse Katumbi eliminated from the presidential race ahead of the 20 December polls.

After failing to succeed in his scheme to use the electoral commission CENI to invalidate Katumbi’s candidature, Tshisekedi has since moved to the Constitutional Court in a last ditch effort to get rid of his fiercest competition in the upcoming elections.

Tshisekedi and his scheming camp have been left distressed after being abandoned by under-pressure CENI President Dénis Kadima Kazadi who could not undertake his order to unlawfully declare Katumbi ineligible to be on the ballot.

The Republican President, a product of the 2018 election rigging political agreement scheme with his predecessor Joseph Kabila, called for an emergency gathering with his lieutenants to plot how their next evil move against Katumbi.

The Kasai cartel held its meeting where the language was spoken was exclusively Tshiluba to avoid any ambiguity but also as a strong symbol of their tribal brotherhood and community of interests.

Tshisekedi Kasai meeting flanked by Minister of the Interior, Peter Kazadi, his brother, Jacques Tshisekedi, in charge of presidential security, the Minister of Finance, Nicolas Kazadi, the Minister of Justice Rose Mutombo, the first vice-president of the National Assembly the indescribable professor André Mbata Mbangu and of the President of the Constitutional Court Dieudonné Kamuleta Badibanga, close to Christian Tshisekedi, the President’s other brother.

The cartel described as “demonic” by the youth citizenry in Katanga, resolved to entrust the execution of the scheme to block Katumbi into the hands of the Constitutional Court who are now waiting for petitions from candidates puppeted by Tshisekedi and his camp into contesting the eligibility of Katumbi.

“President Tshisekedi does not intend to give up the apron at all, especially not to Katumbi,” a close source at the Constitutional Court revealed.

The Constitutional Court now awaits petition of Katumbi’s national identity documents in order to justify the cause for his exclusion from the ballot, a decision which must be delivered within seven days of its filing.



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