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NON NEGOTIABLE: Tshisekedi’s Mandate Will End At Midnight On Jan. 23, 2024 – Fayulu

DRC opposition leader Martin Fayulu has declared that President Felix Tshisekedi will have no option but to leave office on January 23, 2024 if he fails to facilitate presidential elections this year.

Fayulu says any attempt to delay the election will not favor President Tshisekedi but plunge the Democratic Republic of Congo into chaos and untold misery.

“The constitution of the DRC, doesn’t know the concept of a shifting a presidential mandate,” he said.

“Tshisekedi “must leave on January 23, 2024 at midnight and there will be no question of a transitional government to share power.”

Fayulu says all the shenanigans by President Tshisekedi against Rwanda President Paul Kagame was an attempt to delay the elections.

“He wants to distract us and the population. It is becoming imperative to advise that this will not usurp the power of the constitution,” he said.

Fayulu is widely seen to have won the 2018 election which was negotiated to go Tshisekedi’s way by former President Joseph Kabila



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