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NO INTENTIONS TO BLOCK KATUMBI: Interior Minister Says Government Not Aiming To Eliminate Katumbi From Presidential Race

DR Congo Minister of Interior Affairs Peter Kazadi says the ruling government does not aim to block popular opposition leader Moïse Katumbi or any other candidate from contesting the 20 December Presidential Elections.

Speaking in an interview on Thursday, Kazadi said government worked on the system that had been concoted by the previous Joseph Kabila regime to sideline Katumbi from contesting the election.

Kazadi added that government’s intention was for a free and all inclusive election in the upcoming polls.

His comments come after widespread condemnation of alleged schemes by incumbent Fèlix Tshisekedi and his camp to eliminate Katumbi from the ballot.

Indeed, Katumbi’s candidature has been subject of strong opposition with two petitions submitted including one from a fellow candidate Noël Tshiani, submitted before the Constitutional Court.

Tshiani and Tshivuadi Mansanga Junior, a purpoted Kasai surrogate of President Tshisekedi, have requested the Constitutional Court to invalidate Katumbi’s candidature claiming that the Ensemble Pour la Republique party leader is a foreigner and holds Italian and Zambian nationalities.

However, both Italian and Zambian nationalities have both officially denied Katumbi to be one of their nationals.



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