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CONFUSION IN THE PARTY: Ruling UDPS Party Members Protest tk Reject Chosen Candidate For Governorship in Mbuji-Mayi

The ruling Union for Democracy and Social Progress (UDPS) party structures in Mbuji-Mayi of Kasai-Orientral Province are in under chaos as members protest the endorsement of Jean-Paul Mbuebua as the party’s candidate in the upcoming governorship elections.

Violent demonstrations and protests broke out on Monday, March 4, 2024 in Mbuji-Mayi were socio-economic activities were paralyzed in certain areas around the city where the UDPS cadres burnt tires and roads barricaded 48 hours after the endorsement of Mbuebua as the party’s candidate.

The standing parliamentarians of the UDPS say they are disappointed with the choice of Mbuebua made for the federal president.

In their correspondence sent to party Secretary General Augustin Kabuya, the parliamentarians have declared that Jean-Paul Mbuebua does not meet the criteria for the governorship in a province whose development has been stagnant.

“We are dismayed to learn through the airwaves of his designation and his submission of candidacy for the post of governor of the province of Kasai-Oriental, in contempt and non-respect of the status of the party. The one who, yesterday, shone by the anti-values, much criticized in particular corruption, tribalism, hatred without cause, the demobilization of members of the UDPS/Tshisekedi with consequence, the failure of the party in the elections of December 20, 2023 in Mbuji-Mayi; someone who has not been able to manage the federation well, how can he manage the Kasai-Oriental province? Given the above, the Mbuji-Mayi 2 federation, rejects this designation altogether and asks the hierarchy of the party to reverse its decision in favor of a unifying and true patriotic candidate who deeply knows the expectations and misery of the Kasaien people,” declared Vital Masanka, deputy federal secretary in charge of communications at the UDPS in Mbuji-Mayi.

However, Augustin Kabuya, secretary general of the UDPS, endorses the choice of Jean-Paul Mbuebua due to the fight he led for the UDPS during the elections and thus must be honored for his struggle as well as all those who campaigned for the party in the province.

Kabuya regrets that certain would-be governor candidates are inciting protests in the name of the UDPS to sow disorder.

“I regret to see some of our brothers confusing personal conflicts with political problems. I, as secretary general, cannot allow anyone to behave like a hijacker in Mbuji-Mayi, to improvise as a candidate of the Udps”, he said.



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