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NANGAA REACHES OUT TO MACRON: Felix Tshisekedi Will Not Be A Welcome Guest In Paris If French President Reads Open Letter Addressed To Him By Corneille Nangaa

Political-military alliance Congo River Alliance leader Corneille Nangaa sent an open letter to French President Emmanuel Macron following the latter’s recent meeting with his Democratic Republic of Congo counterpart Felix Tshisekedi last week in Paris.

Nangaa, a former CENI president and accomplice of Tshisekedi in election rigging and now turned rebel leader, has exposed several truths about the evils and incongruities of DR Congo leader’s government.

In his letter to President Macron, Nangaa has questioned how France – a reference of contemporary democracy, the cradle of human rights and freedoms – can be comfortable rolling out the red carpet for a leader who has just carried out the most ignominious electoral fraud since representative democracy existed.

He also wonders how, France who very recently regretted not having intervened to prevent the genocide in Rwanda, could also turn to welcome a leader who executes, in full view of the national and international community, a plan of cleansing and exterminating a part of the DR Congo’s population.

Nangaa also reminds France that Tshisekedi whom it embraces is a leader who has in his personal guard and in his defense, the local armed group of the INTERAHAMWE/FDLR, whom he supports with the nation’s resources to perform the same genocide in eastern DR Congo.

He also points out to President Macron that France will be deliberately turning its back on the Congolese people who are languishing in the darkest misery because of the hegemony of a tribe erected into an institution, unparalleled nepotism, bestial tribalism, clientelism; Not to mention the cruel scenes of political assassinations, war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.

Nangaa concluded by questioning Macron whether the Congolese people should conclude that the French mercenaries hired by Tshisekedi to exterminate a section of the Congolese population in the east were engaged on behalf of France? Will official France therefore oppose a popular expression of a people who are revolting for their rights? Will official France cast aspersions on its reputation as a nation of human rights by receiving a leader who has blood on his hands?
So many questions that Corneille NANGAA YOBELUO addresses directly to the French president.



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