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ILLEGAL TERM: Corrupt Fifi Masuka’s Election as Lualaba Province Governor

The political coalition of the Action des allies and l’Union Pour la Nation Congolaise (AA/UNC) have filed a petition in the Lualaba Court of Appeal contesting the provisional election results proclaiming Fifi Masuka Saini as governor of Lualaba Province.

AA/UNC, headed by newly-elected president of the National Assembly Vital Kamerhe, have submitted the request to annul the results proclaiming Masuka Saïni and her deputy-governor Mufundji Tshinat Karl Clément, after the two violating the Constitution, the electoral law and the internal regulations of the provincial assembly.

The appeal aims to prove that Masuka Saïni was no longer eligible to contest for re-election as she had already served two constitutional mandates.

The AA/UNC coalition have evoked article 198 paragraph 2 of the Constitution of the DRC, articles 158 and 170 of the electoral law as well as 23 of law number 08/012 of July 31, 2008 establishing fundamental principles relating to free administration provinces.

Another irregularity raised by the AA/UNC coalition is the violation of Article 108 of the Congolese constitution which speaks of the incompatibility of elective mandate and that of a governor in office.

Beyond the Governor proclaimed provisionally elected by CENI, the AA/UNC also accuses the members of the ruling UDPS government of interference in the electoral process.

The electoral dispute trial is expected to begin this Thursday, May 9, 2024 in the city of Kolwezi, Lualaba Province.



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