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MR 900: Matata Mapon Says Tshisekedi & Kazadi’s Economics Have Failed The People Of Congo

Opposition LGD leader Augustin Matata Mapon says President Félix Tshisekedi and Nicholas Kazadi’s economics have brought suffering on the Congolese population.

The former finance minister and Prime Minister under Joseph Kabila says the UDPS management team had no idea about managing the country.

Matata says under Tshisekedi, prices of essential goods had skyrocketted while people had no income to meet the rising demands of commodities.

Matata says people in Congo are suffering because Tshisekedi and Kazadi were clueless leaders.

“If today, I was appointed Minister of Finance of the DRC, would I be able to stabilize the macro-economic? The answer is YES, because I did it before, it’s not a promise, it’s not bragging. When I arrived as Minister of Finance, the exchange rate was depreciating every day, it is not a secret. I found the exchange rate at 890 (Congolese francs), I kept it at 890 for a long time. It rose to 900 (Congolese francs), it remained at 900 almost for 5 years.

“Today, I wear 900 here at the request of the population, I go around the country, the population tells me: you are a 900 dad because in your time, the rate was now stabilized at 900,” Matata says.

Matata is currently in Ituri and will connect to Kinshasa for the opposition march which had been switched from Saturday to Sunday due to the government organizing a public event that will be officiated by President Felix Tshisekedi.



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