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IN THE MAIL: It’s Katumbi’s Hour!

Fellow Congolese, His Excellency President Moïse KATUMBI has arrived in Kinshasa

He is here with us.

Let’s put ourselves in good order to decide the destiny of our country on December 20, 2023 when the elections are held.

There should be no distraction like the case was in 2018. No one should allow anyone to chose a leader for ourselves. We must decide this on our own as Congolese.

Please my dear Congolese brothers and sisters. Our country is rich; yet we are poor. Our children are dying of hunger, our women are being raped for minerals and our soil is out of our own control.

For how long? This is a time we say to ourselves; Congo is ours and we must decide its destiny.

Mr. Moise Katumbi has good intentions for Congo. He will turn around the fortunes of this country. No one will be left behind.

Mr. Katumbi, loved and cheered by many, is a man of action. It’s not a surprise that the people are referring to him as “Sixth President” in hour history.

The streets are littered with the mention of his name. According to several Congolese through polls, he is at 98% on the verge of becoming president of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

This is not in dispute. The people know, the powers in charge know. No one should play with the people’s choice. Let’s save Congo from anyone who wants to put it on fire.

After Kinshasa Mr. Katumbi is heading to several provinces to check on the population of this great nation. They are waiting for him.

He will be in Grand Bandundu, Central Congo, Greater Equator and will also go through Grand Kasai.

Let us vote for him.

Sir Mackys

EDITOR’S NOTE: The image is from the an internet archive source used for illustration.



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