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MAN FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: Katumbi Donates Modern Operating Theater at Saint Paul Hospital Center

Despite having been swindled of his votes to lose his presidential bid in the chaotic 2023 Elections, opposition Ensemble Pour la Republique leader Moïse Katumbi still exhibits great passion for sustainable development and undertakes a number of projects at his own cost.

On Monday, President Moïse Katumbi furnished the St. Paul Hospital Center in Uvira of South Kivu Province with a modern operating theater worth thousands of dollars.

This hospital, also built by Katumbi’s at the cost of US$120,000, has now been equipped with modern surgical equipment that will come as a huge development in the region’s health sector.

The bishop of the diocese of Uvira, Monsignor Sébastien Joseph Muyengo Mulombe, received and blessed the operating theater bearing that has been named after the late former Foreign Affairs Minister Pierre Lumbi Okongo.

Thanks to the modern operating theater donated by Katumbi, the St. Paul Hospital Center has since been elevated to the status of university clinics of UNDT, Notre Dame University of Tanganyika and will allow the medical faculty to properly supervise students on internship.

“It is an instrument of service that we want to provide to the population of Uvira but also its surroundings, that is to say the entire Ruzizi plain. I also thought of all our pastoral areas, where there are also problems with (surgical) operations. It is truly a work of great use for us. We have said it, for a long time, we do not do medicine in classrooms” said Monsignor Sébastien Joseph Muyengo Mulombe.

This is only the latest developmental project undertaken by Katumbi who has delivered similar donations in Butembo, Beni, Kisangani as well as Kwilu.

Katumbi has continued to carrying out several development projects to help alleviate the plethora of problems faced by the Congolese community.



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