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MAGNIFICENT CONGO 🇨🇩: Poor Yet Richest – 10 Insights

Do you know your country?
Interesting facts about DR Congo.

1. The DRC is the richest country in Africa and the world in natural resources.

2. DRC is the second largest country in Africa after Algeria.

3. DRC is the fourth most populous country in Africa after Egypt.

4. Kinshasa is Africa’s third largest city after Cairo.

5. DRC is one of the biggest music industry producing country in Africa.

6. The DRC is part of the 5 African countries with several cities.

7. DRC is one of the oldest nations in Africa.

8. DRC is country at the centre of Africa and world.

9. DRC is the first country to border several countries in Africa.

10. DRC is the lung of Africa and the world.



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