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M23 IN CHARGE: Rebels Take Over Butare, Kasura & Kahira

M23 rebels are now controlling Butare, Kasura and Kahira villages in Bashali chiefship in Masisi
territory in North Kivu.

This follows intense clashes between the rebels and the Wazalendo Patriotic Youth stationed in these territories. The climax of the clashes were Thursday, June 15, 2023.

The territorial coordination of Masisi civil society confirmed development saying M23 rebels killed several
villagers belonging to Wazalendo which collaborates with the Congolese army and also murdered three civilians.

A representative of the civil society says she fears a humanitarian catastrophe following the new wave of displacements as fresh fighting emerge.

“The attacks from the M23 territories against self-defense groups in several agglomerations of the Bashali chiefship last Thursday have once again been the cause of several outrage against the Congolese population. These offenses came from entities such as Kibarizo passing through Kasura, Butare all the way to Kahira. That is, they occupied different areas like Kasura, Butare, Kahira up to setting up their advanced position at Bigogwe,” Telesphore Mitondeke, a civil society rapporteur of Masisi territory says, adding “It should be noted that these clashes have led to the displacement of thousands of families. There are new waves of
displacement in this part of Masisi territory. It is also necessary to emphasize and condemn
the killing of three civilians in these fighting.”

Mitondeke is calling on the military authorities to come to the rescue of the population by holding the M23 rebels accountable and ensuring that manpower is deployed across the territory to fend off the insurgence.



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