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KWANGO: At Least 10 Killed in Popokabaka Militia Attacks

At least ten people were left dead on as the Mobondo militia group raided and attacked the Ipongi Catholic Mission in Popokabaka territory of Kwango Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo on Friday.

In an act of retaliation following the recent arrest of their leader by the DR Congo Armed Forces, the Mobondo set ablaze several houses and tortured and took hostage of people living in the area.

Senior government spokesperson in Kwango, Adelar Nkisi revealed that the recorded death toll of 10 was provisional while the government had since ruled out any possibilities of dialogue with the Mobondo.

“The provisional toll of people killed by bullets, by machete blows amounts to 10 and several other people tied up. We do not know if we will molest them or how. As the option was military, the dialogue being ruled out, we have already made arrangements to send elements to control the situation in that area,” Nkisi said.

Meanwhile, the civil society in Kwango called on the state to hold peace talks with the Mobondo in order to put to an end the insecurities in the area.

“Weapons never bring peace. We have always asked state authorities to organize a dialogue to listen to these young people, what are their desires that push them to kill people easily” vice-president of the civil society in Kwango Symphorien Kwengo says.

Kwango Province, southwest DR Congo, has been under tension since May with the Mobondo militia group having initiated several attacks in the province that has since put under curfew of 10pm to 6am following the recent attack.



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