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KILLING OF CIVILIANS: Several Senior Army Officers Arrested In Goma

Several high ranking army officers have been apprehended in Goma, East Democratic Republic of Congo as part of the investigations in the recent violent clashes in the city that resulted in the death of over 43 people and left many injured.

Notable senior army figures that have been arrested by the authorities include among them Col. Mike Mikombe, the commanding officer for the GR Joint Brigade, and Commander Donat Bawili, head at the 19th Regiment.

DR Congo deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Security Peter Kazadi confirmed the arrest of the officers during his visit of Goma on Monday.

“Following these instructions and in accordance with the order of the Supreme Commander, I announce to you that certain Military officials were immediately presented before the audience” Kazadi said.

“These are the Commanders of the GR Joint Brigade and the 19th Regiment. They are currently in detention.”

In an official statement, Kazadi also announced that the military officials were set to undergo trial soon.



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